Our ministry team has a passion for giving people a second chance at life


Pastor Spencer Lindsay

I found Jesus Christ from prison in 1992 and made Him Lord of my life. I was saved but I still had the same mind set, soul wounds and broken feelings. I wondered why my life didn't change, and then 17 years later the Holy Spirit enlightened me to the passage in Romans 12:2 "but be transformed by the renewing of your mind". This was my 5th trip back to prison, so I made a conscious decision to renew my mind to the Word of God.
After a year, the Holy Spirit put "The Captivity Series" in my path in prison. After 3 chapters I was caught up in the material of Katie Souza's book. By the end, God had given me my purpose and expected end. I had a plan from God, and the plan was to start a Bible correspondence incentive course using The Captivity Series Workbook. Before I was released from prison I had the entire vision written out for the bible course.
Over six years later, WMOC has over 1200 inmates in Kansas and Eight other states participating in the Captivity series bible correspondence incentive course. We have opened six discipleship homes. Currently, I am mentoring 10 inmates in four prisons. I’m a KDOC badged volunteer, Executive Director for WMOC, reside on two Boards for Housing inmates, teach a bible study class at Winfield Correctional Facility weekly, participate at the Brothers in Blue weekends in the state prisons. I am a badged Sedgwick County jail CMO minister, Kansas Department of Corrections mentor and have been ordained and licensed to Pastor from my Church, Nu Heart Nu Start.

James 1:25

"But whoever looks intently into the perfect law that gives freedom,and continues in it—not forgetting what they have heard, but doing it—they will be blessed in what they do."

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Shannah Ikenberry

Shannah is the House Director for the House of Ruth. She works closely with the women in the house to address issues of addiction and ensure that their time at the house creates a lasting change in their lives. Having battled and defeated addiction, she offers a unique and valuable perspective. She also knows what makes a resident successful in their search for a closer walk with Christ having completed the program herself. See our Success Stories for her testimony!

Randy Herold

On June 22nd, 1975, God saved me and placed a calling on my life. Six weeks later, the first person I prayed with to receive Christ was Vikki, a young woman, who became my wife a year later. Since that day, we have both endeavored to serve Christ. Seven years ago, we moved to Kansas City, Kansas, where I initiated a new ministry. I saw Jesus work in the lives of teens who I prayed with to receive Christ. Today, I still disciple some of them.

On October 26. 2017, I was asked to join Working Men of Christ. On January 1, I became a part of what I believe is a movement of God. I am now seeing adults whose lives have changed because of Jesus. Some are still in prison and others have been released. They are all seeking guidance, as we prepare them for returning to their communities. At WMOC, evangelism is happening through discipleship and mentoring. I am seeing Jesus restore the hearts of the lost, who have repented of their sins. Jesus is forgiving them, changing their lives and continues to renew the minds, as they study the truth of God’s Word. The ministry of WMOC is now expanding into the Kansas City area. I am blessed to serve Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

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Pastor Jack Kyle

Jack Kyle is a Housing Specialist for Working Men of Christ. This means that he makes lots of friends. One of his main responsibilities is to go to the cross with friends in relationship to hurts that cause frustrations. “There is nothing better than making friends with people at the cross because it’s a place of God’s ultimate expression of love!” Jack also works in the area of employment ministries. He works to connect employers with our students so that they can financially restart their lives.


Zachery Tague

Zach serves on Thrift on Woodlawn’s advisory Operations Council as a representative from WMOC and is at the shop on a regular basis to provide support for operations and WMOC volunteers. Zach is the program director for WMOC and helps maintain the operations of the housing program and interview potential students for WMOC. Zach is also a mentor for a program called Mentoring 4 Success, helping mentor those incarcerated to have a successful life once released from prison. Zach also volunteers for a WMOC bible study in Winfield Correctional Facility every Monday night. Zach loves to encourage people and is willing to serve in the trenches along side his fellow students and peers. Zachery Tague (316)-670-6137


Zachary Tague

Shannah Ikenberry

House Directors

Our House Directors oversee the discipleship homes and residents as well as provide spiritual guidance.


Board of Directors


Spencer Lindsay
Executive Director

Christie Summervill
Board Chairman

Pastor Ray Dempsey
Vice President

Beverly Fisher

Don Alley
Board Member

Dr. Larry Anderson
Board Member

Dwight Kraus

Veronica Kraus
Board Member

Dennis Fontelroy
Board Member

Kerry Hunt
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