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Who We Are

Working Men of Christ offers housing and mentoring to those coming out of incarceration to help them become productive, healthy members of the body of Christ and their families. We believe that a healing approach to all those affected by crime and incarceration can contribute to healthy, prosperous communities. Our ministry is grounded in the conviction that we are all made in God's image, and there is no one who escapes His Love. Jesus, who was also put on trial, convicted, and executed, continues to offer hope and healing for all who seek Him. Through the awakening offered by a Christ-focused life, those who were broken are made whole again and are mobilized to serve their neighbors, breaking the cycle of crime.

Working Men of Christ begins the work with each student while they are still incarcerated and nearing release. Before being released, they complete a workbook called "The Captivity Series: The Key to Your Expected End" by Katie Souza. Upon release, they come to live at one of our discipleship houses where they participate in daily Bible study. The cost to stay in the houses is $110/week. Through mentoring and community involvement residents are reintegrated into society with a solid foundation. This has proven to be an extremely effective process as evidenced by our 4% recidivism rate over 7 years compared to the national average of 67.8% over three years!


Captivity Series

We have now taken over 1,440 prisoners through the captivities series and paid out over $20,970 in incentives to help the newly released start their new lives.

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Discipleship Homes

Giving inmates a chance to start fresh in a Christ-focused environment.

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Providing guidance through and after their stay to ensure a successful transition to a Christ-focused life.


Community Involvement

Weaving our students into the fabric of the community through service, events, church, etc. 


Today’s inmates.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

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What does the Bible say about prison ministry?

Volunteering with Working Men of Christ is a great way to help our residents and community while, at the same time, find fulfillment in doing the righteous work of God.

If Jesus were on earth today, would we find Him in the prisons? Of course we would. He would be there "to seek and to save the lost" and to restore them to discipleship, just as He did with Zacchaeus.

Zaccheus was a hated tax collector; a corrupt man who had grown rich by cheating others. When he climbed a tree to see what this Jesus was all about, the Lord invited Himself to dinner with Zacchaeus—again, to the irritation of the more "righteous" people in the crowd. But that loving invitation brought this corrupt tax collector to repentance and transformation—ready to make amends for his crimes. And then Jesus made an announcement to the crowd. "This man, too, is a son of Abraham" (Luke 19:9). This man that the others had considered an outcast was to be restored as a brother.

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When Jesus was berated for eating with tax collectors and sinners, he answered that "it is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners" (Mark 2:17).

And because the Church is now His representative on earth, prison is where we should be as well—calling the sick to the healing touch of our Lord and Savior; still recognizing in them the dignity of God's creation, no matter how far they have fallen; trusting that no one—NO ONE—is beyond Christ's love and power to redeem.

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