“I must say this is the one book God used to give me insight and understanding from my incarceration.  I always wondered why I kept returning to prison, but on my 5th time to prison God used this book to minister to me straight from His throne room and it moved me so much that God allowed me to conceive a thought that would allow everyone in prison to have the same opportunity to hear from God in their captivity just as I have.  You will come to realize and understand through this book, just like I did, why prison is a place God uses to bless us.  So don’t fight God, listen to what He says to your heart through this book by Katie Souza, and do it, because you will be abundantly blessed. Knowing your future mission will give you just what you need to stay out of prison and become a successful member of the Kingdom of God.”

  Ex-felon, Spencer L. Lindsay, is now Founder and President of Working Men of Christ Prison Ministry

Captivity Series


 This Bible Study course is available FREE to any person in a correctional institution.  Working Men of Christ (WMOC) jail ministry will send you “The Captivity Series Workbook”, by Katie Souza, upon receiving you’re completed and signed application form.  Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  

1. You must at least have (8) months prior to your release date to complete the course.

2. You must attend (1) Bible study call-out per week and supply information of the name of class and the volunteer instructor.

3. You must complete and submit a signed application with your facility volunteer's approval.

4. You must complete (3) chapters of “The Captivity Series” Workbook and answer all the questions asked at the end of each chapter and mail to (WMOC) to receive a $20.00 credit per month toward the $160.00 incentive that will be paid upon the completion of the 8 month course and your release.

5. If you miss two consecutive weeks of class or 2 consecutive months without turning in assignments you will no longer be eligible for the monthly credit and you will forfeit the $160.00 incentive.

6. Upon your release from incarceration you must mail or fax (WMOC) your certificate of completion within (30) days of release to receive the $160.00 incentive check in your name.